— Welcome —

Welcome to GELEAFA! An audio site bursting with faith to spill into you and refresh you inside and out!

I am CQ, and I love you! This is my personal labor of love for Jesus, and as a gift for each one that needs a boost of faith and truth—while the world broadcast fear and lies. I am a nearly unknown small person, a housewife and mother, who likes to use what little bits of time I can, to create faith feeding materials.

“Who is speaking out the truth 24/7 that people can listen to anytime?” I asked.

“No one”, replied the one who inspired me to launch this site, with that very response. It was the spark that lit my fire to make such a thing available. The need, and the desire to fill it, was only part of it. Then the “it can be done” attitude and willingness to work by the one programing the site made this miracle happen—and in a very short amount of time. So here on this site: “”, you will find my recordings of messages from the spiritual realm, stories of courage and miracles, and some inspirational devotional songs others produced, and more!

In these recordings, if you listen carefully, you might hear the ordinary sounds of everyday life; a toddler talking, cars starting up, dogs barking or rain battering the tin roof of my backyard shed. Or perhaps detect the subtle difference in voice as I battle a cold! I am just like you, with all the joys and tribulations of life experienced just like everyone does.

My intention is to show you that Jesus is not a distant stranger, watching you from on high, but a true friend, one who loves you more than you can understand and will gladly hold your hand as you walk on this journey of life. And, perhaps even more than that, I wish to be a voice for Jesus, allowing Him the chance to tell you what He wishes to—through prophetic messages, true stories, songs, and more. I hope you take a little bit of your time to have a listen, and I hope and pray these recording inspire you to love Jesus as I do.

All for Him—the one who will win,

--CQ (Psalm 63:1)